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Testimonials from our Students and Families

Over the years of teaching martial arts in Suffolk, Virginia, we've received a lot of great compliments from our students. We very much appreciate their kind words, and we'd like to share a few of their comments with you.

Children's Class Students and Parents

"Tae Kwon Do has benefitted Cody in many ways. He is more self confident, a better student and he helps out around the house.." ~Jessica Gonzalez

"We love Tae Kwon Do. It has improved my childrens developmental process tremendously. It gives my children discipline where needed and physical fitness." ~Angella Smith

"Skylar’s focus at home and in school has been great since starting Tae Kwon Do." ~Andrea Warren

Adult Class Students

"Master Hwang's Tae Kwon Do has benefitted me with improved physical conditioning, greater mental focus, and a wonderful feeling of belonging to a great group of students and staff. Master Hwang and Tae Kwon Do have breathed new life into my way of looking at life’s challenges." ~Margaret C. Dimmick


"Little Tigers" Class Parents

"He looks forward to coming to class and we enjoy watching him grow in his skills, confidence, and focus. Achieving each new kick, etc. has allowed Dylan to feel good about his own individual abilities.." ~Laura Burrill

"Cyan and Kalel are gaining self-control, enthusiasm, respect, and are achieving goals despite their ADHD. The kids are excited every time to go into class and also to be part of the growing family." ~Mileisha Melendez

Family Class Students

"Meghan enjoyed it so much, her sister Ashley asked to take classes! We all really enjoy taking the family classes together!." ~Tina King

"It’s benefitted our family, especially our three kids, in showing them respect for others, working hard to become better at techniques and having fun while getting active at the same time." ~Nevarez Family

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