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Martial Arts for Suffolk and Chesapeake, VA

Welcome to Master Hwang's Tae Kwon Do, the leading provider of martial arts classes in the the Suffolk and Chesapeake region.

With Master Hwang's you benefit from:

  • Professional instructors
  • Modern, state-of-the-art facilities
  • A positive and encouraging atmosphere
  • And more!

We guarantee that learning martial arts at Master Hwang's Tae Kwon Do will be a rewarding activity with benefits to last a lifetime.

Try our Martial Arts Trial Program and see what a big difference martial arts classes at Master Hwang's Tae Kwon Do can make. We promise you'll find our tae kwon do classes to be a positive and fun introduction to martial arts.

"I cannot say enough about this program– both kids love coming. Tyrese had self-esteem issues in school and this program has slowly began to bring him out of his shell. It’s great exercise for both of them and they both have noticeable improvements in the area of respect." ~Monica Hunter

"It’s a great place with wonderful instructors to work with your kids. There are very flexible times for everyone." ~Andrea Warren

"This school is very well organized and professional." ~Angella Smith

martial arts trial program

(mornings, after 3pm, etc.)



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